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Vinnie Monte

Many of the Songs on this station features Vinnie Monte!

Born in Bronx N.Y., Vinnie Starred on NBC's Star Time Kids for Six Years, with Connie Francis and Joe Pesci. He also appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show and the Milton Berle Show. He entertained in the Catskills, Concord, Grossingers and Brown resorts with such stars as Alan King, Tottie Fields, Phyllis Diller and performed in a special act with Red Buttons.

Vinnie sings songs that everyone will remember. His CDs currently are selling here in America, Japan & Great Britain.

"Vinnie is my first celebrity. He is an entertainer/singer. He said he went from "Teen Idol to Ideal Senior" He has performed on the old Dick Clark show, and many others and sings pop music and doo wop. He was sitting at the next table in the Italian restaurant we were eating, and he heard me order the new Chicken Nookie (gnocchi) Soup and he almost had water come out his nose he laughed so hard. Then he taught me how to say it right."

- Vinnie's Cousin Audrey


Ceili Rain

Ceili Rain Website

Many of the Songs on this station features Ceili Rain!

Ceili Rain is a celtic music influenced Syracuse, New York based band led by Bob Halligan, Jr, founded in May 1995. As the group’s founder Bob Halligan, Jr explains, in Gaelic, the word "Céili" (pronounced kay-lee) means "party", specifically one with live musicians, dancing, and general merriment for an all-ages crowd. "Coeli" is a form of the Latin word for "heaven". Rain is English, meaning downpour. Thus, according to Halligan, Ceili Rain is a "downpour of heavenly partiness."

I Saw Ceili Rain Perform at the "Run For Life" Banquet a couple of years ago at Sacred Heart Church in Homestead Florida. I couldn't believe these guys would come all the way from New York to the bottom of Florida to play.

To say the Least... They are great!



Joe's Website

Many of the Songs on this station features Joe Hellriegel!

It all started twelve years ago when Joe began writing music for God. Inspired by a Marian prayer group, he stepped in to lead them in worship music. Dusting off his guitars from teenage years, Joe began to realize a gift of song writing and music ministry.

Joe is also is involved with the "Run for Life" Ministry that raises money for unwed moms.

Check out Joe's Website for more Information regarding His Music and The "Run for Life" a 351 Mile Nine Day Run from Sacred Heart Church in Homestead to St. Augustine, Fl.



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