Some of My Paintings

Woman with Pitcher

Woman with Pitcher


Acrylic On Wood Panel

White Mail


Acrylic on Canvas Collage



Hey Bartender

Hey Bartender

These are a few of My (Tyrus) Paintings.  My favorite painting medium is acrylic.  My influences are Edward Hopper and Thomas Hart Benton.  I tend to work along that famaliar style.  I have strayed off into (consciously & subconsciously) other tangents,  I enjoy visual art so much that it is just impossible to stay in one genre.

Couple of these paintings were sold:

“Hey Bartender” Is somewhere out in L.A. – P. Z’s friend owns it.

“White Mail” a multi-panel piece was Sold to Steve S. A writer in Ft. Meyers, Fl.


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